Weekend Walk

We enjoy our weekends so much - we both have great jobs that we love, which end around noon on Fridays so the work week flies by and we get 2.5 wonderful days to spend together! We have been trying to take full advantage of the enormous reservoir behind our complex before it gets too hot. We love running, biking and walking through it.

Spencer has been noticing a lot of wildlife during his mountain biking - birds, hogs, giant cats and lately... snakes! After his ride this Saturday he researched the types of snakes that slid across his path to find that they were Water Moccasins. S-cary! In the past we've let our pooch off his leash to explore during our hikes but now we are keeping a close eye on the ground. We have yet to see any alligators, but who knows?

Texas-living is so green and humid that I'm beginning to feel like my Washington farmland is on a different planet! Doing my hair in the morning turns into a head of frizz by the time I get to work, and I haven't even


straightening it. I guess I'll just have to live as a frizzy, sweaty wild child out here.