Picture updates in our favorite place

Our trip to Washington can be summed up in five words: apples, guns, motorcycles, goats, family. (Not in that order.) Although I spent 19 years of my life in this same place, I didn't know the appeal of guns and motorcycles until my hubby, brothers and dad got together. Who knew? 

So, while I consented to jump on the back of Spencer's motorbike 8 times a day for a quick ride through the orchards, he agreed to pose for a few photos. It's all about give and take!

Because we haven't been back to the beautiful Northwest for three years, our last memories include our wedding. This row of poplar trees from down the street is where we took some of our favorite wedding photos, so we had to snap a few picture updates (sans wedding dress).

I also realized that I never took advantage of the beautiful view! Houston has its perks, but the scenery is a far cry from my rolling hills and winding rivers of Eastern Washington.

P.S. I love this guy. Three years later and life is better than I could ever expect.