Southwestern Embroidery-Inspired Wall Hanging

This weekend my brother came home from a two year service mission to New Mexico (more about our trip later). Seeing his photos and souvenirs reminded me of one of my favorite Southwestern weaves. 


Style Hawk

The geometric shapes of native Southwestern designs havw always inspired me - especially after seeing the gorgeous coat above. I love the patterns! The colors! The symbolism! For this particular weave I wanted to stay true to the bold, yet clean aesthetic of New Mexico... the surprise of the open embroidery details are my favorite part about this piece. Scroll down to see why.

The 'open-weaving' technique is my own baby. It took a couple hours of experimenting to get it right, but when it's mixed with my signature cross-hatching technique the texture is amazing! Who needs a million colors when the right weaving stitches make a monotone piece perfect??


This weave is still available in the shop, but I have a feeling it will be gone soon. If your home needs this weave (or something similar 

+ custom) let me know! I would love to create another one for you.