Double Doggy

Disclaimer: the dog-models used in these photos were carefully shot during the rare still moments in their natural habitat. No action photos were included because otherwise this post would be full of blurry doggy tails.

Yes. We are those people. 

Twenty-somethings with no kids and two dogs. 

Feel free to take all of the stereotypes that come to mind, and apply them to us. We love our dogs. We talk to our dogs in high-pitched voices. We go home early from parties because 'the dogs have been alone too long'. (Atleast, that's our excuse.) We plan our activities and vacations around whether the dogs can come, and whether the hotels are dog-friendly.

I have been told that someday our focus will change, and I'm okay with that. But for right now I'm going to go grab that furry-faced, four-legged, wet-nosed bundle of love and force him to cuddle while I watch Project Runway.