How to Hide the Tails of Chunky Yarn in Weaving

I'm continuing with my series about weaving with chunky yarn to celebrate Love Fest Fiber's launch of their first weavers pack!

Look at this delicious yarn. And those colors! I absolutely loved experimenting with it...

Chunky Weaving Yarn

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I also have a little tutorial below because I can't get enough...

"How do you hide the tails?" This question comes up every time I weave with chunky yarn. If you've joined my online waving video classes (Welcome to Weaving) you know how important it is to tuck your tails... but you can't do that with chunky yarn because they simply won't fit parallel to the warp strings. Here are two ways I get around that and keep my tapestry secure.

Weaving with chunky yarn tutorial. Tuck the end.

The first method is to tuck the chunky yarn behind the corresponding weft row on the back of the tapestry. Leave a 2-3" tail as you are weaving and then tuck it behind the warp strings on the back before trimming. This method works best with chunky yarn because the warp tension is already tighter dur to the thickness of the material and it will hold them securely in place.

Weaving with chunky yarn tutorial. Knot the end.

The second method will leave you with an obvious bump but it is also secure. Simoly tie a knot on the last warp string and trim the tail. I don't mind using this method if I will be surrounding the chunky yarn with lots of texture that will disguise the knot, With this tapestry I added stacks of thick fringe below the knot so that it wasn't as obvious.


Either method works great to secure the ends of chunky yarn. What method do you use?