How to Hide the Tails of Chunky Yarn in Weaving

I'm continuing with my series about weaving with chunky yarn to celebrate Love Fest Fiber's launch of their first weavers pack!

Look at this delicious yarn. And those colors! I absolutely loved experimenting with it...

Chunky Weaving Yarn

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I also have a little tutorial below because I can't get enough...

"How do you hide the tails?" This question comes up every time I weave with chunky yarn. If you've joined my online waving video classes (Welcome to Weaving) you know how important it is to tuck your tails... but you can't do that with chunky yarn because they simply won't fit parallel to the warp strings. Here are two ways I get around that and keep my tapestry secure.

Weaving with chunky yarn tutorial. Tuck the end.

The first method is to tuck the chunky yarn behind the corresponding weft row on the back of the tapestry. Leave a 2-3" tail as you are weaving and then tuck it behind the warp strings on the back before trimming. This method works best with chunky yarn because the warp tension is already tighter dur to the thickness of the material and it will hold them securely in place.

Weaving with chunky yarn tutorial. Knot the end.

The second method will leave you with an obvious bump but it is also secure. Simoly tie a knot on the last warp string and trim the tail. I don't mind using this method if I will be surrounding the chunky yarn with lots of texture that will disguise the knot, With this tapestry I added stacks of thick fringe below the knot so that it wasn't as obvious.


Either method works great to secure the ends of chunky yarn. What method do you use?

The Four Best Weaving Techniques to Use with Chunky Yarn

I'm continuing my series about weaving with chunky yarn. All of the yarn that I am using is from Love Fest Fiber's amazing weaving pack... which just launched today! A fwe months ago they contacted me to ask for some insight into creating a weaver's pack. The colors are amazing and the amounts will last you for multiple tapestry designs. I can't say enough about the quality of this material!

Giveaway time! Want to win a pack of your own? It's easy: 1. scroll down to choose your favorite technique below and 2. comment on their Instagram post to enter!

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Chunky Weaving Yan Pack

Click here to see an inspiration gallery of tapestries using chunky yarn.

Here are FOUR of my favorite techniques to use with chunky yarn. Which is your favorite?

Weaving Chunky Yarn Tutorial

Number one is a floating twill. This means that the yarn floats over six rows and then tabby woven over six rows. By stacking the sequence one warp string to the right for each row it creates a diagonal pattern. This technique really helps the cunky yarn stand out because while it is floating there are no warp strings hiding the texture of the material. 

You can learn more about twill pattern designs in my intermediate online weaving video class right HERE.

Weaving with Chunky Yarn Tutorial

Number two is a regular soumak technique. This method wraps the yarn over 2-3 warp strings before tucking them backwards behin 1-2 warp strings and then over 2-3 again. When you complete multiple rows going in opposite directions it creates a braided effect. This technique is often seen using loosely spun roving... but I love it even more with chunky yarn because I know the fibers are solidly spun and won't snag or come apart as easily.

You can learn more about the soumak technique in my beginning online weaving video class right HERE.

Weaving with Chunky Yarn Tutorial

Number three is a knotted tabby. For this technique you simply tie a knot with the chunky weft after plain tabby across 4-8 warp strings. I love using Love Fiber Fest's felted yarn for this technique because it makes the bumps of the knots stand out even more. They are crisp and smooth. 

Weaving with Chunky Yarn Tutorial

Number four is possibly my favorite. Organic loops are created when you finish one weft row and then go back to pull out individual loops with your fingers so that they aren't uniform. The effect is very organic and natural. It works amazing with Love Fest Fiber corespun yarn becuase even though its thick it is stilll incredibly soft and pliable. Yummm-my.

10 Inspirational Tapestries Using Thick, Chunky Yarn

10 Ways to Use Chunky Yarn in Tapestries

Today is the launch of Love Fest Fiber's weaving packs, and I'm so excited! They specialize in hand spun and hand felted yarns using a mixture of Alpaca and recyled water bottles.... amazing! 

To celebrate the launch of their new packs I'm showcasing some inspiration and tutorials about how to use chunky yarn in weaving. It can be daunting but I love the thick shapes. Here are a few of my favorite tapestries using chunky yarn, with the artists credited below.

Artist: hello hydrangea

Artist: hello hydrangea

I used Love Fest Fiber yarn for this weave and will be teaching each technique! Check back on Saturday for the full tutorial.

Artist:  WovenLaine

Artist: WovenLaine

Chunky yarn isn't the best for detail designs... but these bold triangles and colorblocked background by WovenLaine are perfect!

Artist: Hello Hydrangea

Artist: Hello Hydrangea

One river of chunky yarn flowing through the length of the tapestry with a smaller plain weave as the background.

Artist:  All Roads

Artist: All Roads

I love the protruding loops at the ends of each chunky row... and isn't it the perfect surface for some gold leaf!?

Artist: Hello Hydrangea

Artist: Hello Hydrangea

Chunky yarn works great as loops! It may take a bit of wrestling, if your yarn is extra stiff, but oh man, the texture is worth it.

Artist:  Smile and Wave

Chunky yarn = chunky knots. Need I say more??

Artist: Hello Hydrangea

Artist: Hello Hydrangea

A few stripes with different widths of yarn are always a bold statement.

Chunky is to colorblock, what chocolate sauce is to ice cream. I love the mixture of thin yarns above and below this block of chunky. 

Artist: Hello Hydrangea

Artist: Hello Hydrangea

Chunky yarn can be loosely pulled here and there for an organic bumpy element. 

Artist:  Maryanne Moodie

Chunky yarn has completely different effects bassed on the method you use. I love the progression of organized to organic with these three tapestries!