The Four Best Weaving Techniques to Use with Chunky Yarn

I'm continuing my series about weaving with chunky yarn. All of the yarn that I am using is from Love Fest Fiber's amazing weaving pack... which just launched today! A fwe months ago they contacted me to ask for some insight into creating a weaver's pack. The colors are amazing and the amounts will last you for multiple tapestry designs. I can't say enough about the quality of this material!

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Chunky Weaving Yan Pack

Click here to see an inspiration gallery of tapestries using chunky yarn.

Here are FOUR of my favorite techniques to use with chunky yarn. Which is your favorite?

Weaving Chunky Yarn Tutorial

Number one is a floating twill. This means that the yarn floats over six rows and then tabby woven over six rows. By stacking the sequence one warp string to the right for each row it creates a diagonal pattern. This technique really helps the cunky yarn stand out because while it is floating there are no warp strings hiding the texture of the material. 

You can learn more about twill pattern designs in my intermediate online weaving video class right HERE.

Weaving with Chunky Yarn Tutorial

Number two is a regular soumak technique. This method wraps the yarn over 2-3 warp strings before tucking them backwards behin 1-2 warp strings and then over 2-3 again. When you complete multiple rows going in opposite directions it creates a braided effect. This technique is often seen using loosely spun roving... but I love it even more with chunky yarn because I know the fibers are solidly spun and won't snag or come apart as easily.

You can learn more about the soumak technique in my beginning online weaving video class right HERE.

Weaving with Chunky Yarn Tutorial

Number three is a knotted tabby. For this technique you simply tie a knot with the chunky weft after plain tabby across 4-8 warp strings. I love using Love Fiber Fest's felted yarn for this technique because it makes the bumps of the knots stand out even more. They are crisp and smooth. 

Weaving with Chunky Yarn Tutorial

Number four is possibly my favorite. Organic loops are created when you finish one weft row and then go back to pull out individual loops with your fingers so that they aren't uniform. The effect is very organic and natural. It works amazing with Love Fest Fiber corespun yarn becuase even though its thick it is stilll incredibly soft and pliable. Yummm-my.