Tapestry Weaving

Just when I think I've reached my limit of things-I-want-to-learn, I find a new skill.


I can't focus on anything else until I try it out for myself. 

This happened to me Saturday night. I was flipping through Pinterest when one link led me to another and I found myself at the doors of Miss 

Maryanne Moodie

. OhMyGoodness. 

I spent the next half of a day searching for something...anything...that would teach me how to make a woven tapestry of my own. The entire internet let me down, save for one sweet old lady who had a few views on Youtube.

It might sound crazy, but when I can't find any tutorials for a project online, it makes me want to learn how to do it even more. The internet is saturated these days with DIYs and I'm sure you'll agree that it is so hard to find a project that hasn't been done and redone a thousand times.

After my failed attempts at finding some simple instructions on how to start weaving, I realized it was time to stop wondering and time to start doing. I rummaged through my crochet bag to grab whatever yarn I could find, quickly made a makeshift loom from the only wooden frame around and just STARTED.

Believe me, there were plenty of stitches I had to pull out and lots of lessons that I learned for next time, but in the end I was proud of the little tapestry I had made. 

Now I know why the few artists that sell these pieces charge so much! They take a mixture of creativity, patience, lots of time... and after a while they really make your eyes hurt. (But maybe that's just the allergies.)

If you want to learn how to make an easy loom for this basic weave check back soon. In the meantime I will be practicing!